Fadi's Mediterranean Grill

Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas


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Fadi's has two vegetarian options: Fadi's vegetarian sampler for $11. It has hummus, bread, a cold salad and a hot vegetable dish, and Deep fried Falafel (chickpea) vegetarian sandwich $5.50

My husband and I are new to the Dallas area and decided to try Fadi's. We both have food allergies to wheat, gluten, beans, legumes, peanuts, and mushrooms.

Fadi's is not economical to eat at if you have food allergies. We both selected the vegetarian platter for $11. We had the baba ganoush dip, purple and green cabbage salad, fattoush, lebanese salad, and italian green beans.

The food looked delicious. But the dip and salads were swimming in olive oil! My husband and I felt like we were drinking oil and I could not taste my veggies! I did not finish my salads because there was so much oil! We were still hungry when we left. We won't go back.

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