Sweet Tomatoes

Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas


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I am a raw food vegan with several allergies. When I travel I always try to eat organic foods at a Whole Foods or if I can't find one my second choice is to find a Sweet Tomatoes. Sweet Tomatoes has a vegan, gluten-free, and allergy friendly eating guide pamphlet. The all you can eat salad, soup and baked good buffet is a great deal!!! Sweet Tomatoes changes their salads, soups, pasta salads and baked goods every two weeks. There menu is online. Also, the buffet clearly marks what is vegetarian or vegan.

I really love the raw kale salad, vegan cabbage and potato soup, and their whole fresh fruit for dessert. I am allergic to wheat so I haven't tried their baked goods but my friends said they are yummy.

I have been to every vegan and vegetarian restaurant in the Dallas area that has been reviewed on vegguide. I give Sweet Tomatoes second place when judging only on the salad bar. I enjoyed eating here with my husband and friends.

FYI, because I am a raw food vegan, my favorite place to go for lunch is Whole Foods on Abrams! The food bars are very vegan and allergy friendly with detailed lists of every ingredient. They have a lot of vegan soups and vegan options in their ready made food bar. An organic vegan soup and half a vegan sandwich is $6.99. I like to compile a large raw vegan salad from the bar for $7.99 a pound. I love Whole Foods bars!

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I love Whole Foods Market's organic Cold Salad Bar, Deli Bar, and Hot Bar.

And I love Sweet Tomatoes! The location at old town in Dallas just opened in May of 2012. Sweet Tomatoes is an all you can eat salad bar, soup bar, and bakery. When I went they gave me a coupon and my lunch was only $5.99! The normal price of the all you can eat lunch buffet is $8.29 and the dinner buffet is $10.29.

Sweet Tomatoes salad bar has almost every raw veggie you could imagine: raw shredded zucchini, raw butternut squash, raw summer squash, raw brussels sprouts, raw carrots, raw beets, raw cabbage, green bell peppers, and a myriad of other raw or pickled veggies! They also have nuts, seeds and fruits.

Sweet Tomatoes is very vegan and allergy friendly! They have an allergy eating guide available to all their customers. There is a little green leaf by items that are vegan! The guide also indicates which foods are soy free, and gluten free! It makes eating out much easier. In my case, I have to have the management print off a detailed list of ingredients for the soups and dressings due to my multiple allergies to: oats, all grains, wheat gluten, wheat, beans, peanuts, legumes, soy, egg yolk, milk, cayenne pepper and black pepper. In the end, I put a drizzel of olive oil on my salads because all of the dressings had something I was allergic to in them.

Sweet Tomatoes usually has 3 vegetarian soups available. When I went they had one vegan soup and two vegetarian soups. The tomato and onion vegan soup was vegan and had no soy! Yippie! There was also fresh pineapple and other fruits to chose from for dessert. If you are not allergic to oats you can enjoy the fruit cobblers too.

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