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Walked in to find employees sitting around a table eating lunch. While waiting for our appetizers, I noticed a burnt oil smell coming from the kitchen. When our tofu satay came out, we stared at it in surprise. The 6 little tofu strips were grayish/white and soggy with oil and with black bits of old fryer oil scraps attached to them. There was absolutely no taste to the tofu at all (apart from the oil). Later I realized the cucumber salad listed on the menu wasn't included. When the main entree arrived, my boyfriend received his meal but I was told my meal took a long time to make and would be done soon and although I had asked for no onions due to food allergies, my pho included big onion pieces when it did arrive. They offered to remake my food but my boyfriend had already received his food and I didn't want to wait, not to mention I was still disgusted by the bad impression given by the appetizer. The waitress did give use a coupon for a buy one get one free meal in the future, but at this point that really isn't something that will be getting used. I ended up paying over $20 for one lunch and one appetizer... totally not worth it.

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