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Let me start off by saying, this restaurant is not a vegetarian restaurant, but has some great vegetarian options.

I was lead to this restaurant by a drunken friend. He knows who he is. Getting in line at the door of this Mexican adobe and ceramic tile place, you wouldn't expect to find vegetarian options let alone a section of the menu that says "Vegetarian" or the cashier to say "Do you want the Vegetarian Combo?" But you are pleasantly surprised at the sensitivity and it becomes clear how "hipster" University Heights is.

With the long line to get to the register, you could expect to have a long wait to actually get your food, so I couldn't get too upset. We get the food to go and I open the taco to find it it mostly squash and zucchini and it was good, but then I open the burrito with its black beans, rice, cheese, and mixed grilled veggies and I was in heaven.

I haven't had everything on the vegetarian menu, but what I did have, was great. I will say that, even with two cashiers and two cooks, they are understaffed for a shift that seems like their busiest.

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Veggie Army
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