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I visited La Loma tonight and tried to order a burrito without meat, cheese or sour cream. As usual, I was met with a look of bewilderment as if a person who doesn't want to eat dead animals must be an alien from another planet. I explained to the server that I didn't want meat in the burrito, just rice and beans. She said that they can not make it without meat.

I have gotten a vegan burrito at La Loma in the past. In the future I'll go elsewhere and pay my burrito tax!

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I went there and ordered a bean burrito with no cheese and no sour cream. I emphasized that I wanted bean and not beef. They asked if I wanted black beans or pinto beans, and I chose pinto. I said I can't eat any dairy and pointed at my stomach for emphasis (while vegan, I'm also lactose intolerant).

Burrito #1
When my burrito came I took a bite and it tasted really weird. I opened it up to look inside and it had lots of beef, no beans, and cheese. Brought it back to the counter and said I can't eat meat or cheese, and that I ordered bean with no cheese. I almost never send back food (MN nice), but I was hungry and they really messed up my order.

Burrito #2
I had the good sense to open up burrito #2 before eating it. This one had no cheese, and had beans and beef. Getting closer, but still not a vegan burrito. I sent it back and they were irritated and said it had beans and no cheese. I said I can't eat any animal products, and I said no meat or cheese. They said "nothing on it?" and I said "no beef or cheese"

Burrito #3
Finally a vegan burrito! I opened it up, and it had just a little bit of rice, beans, and peas. Burritos #1 and 2 came with chips-- Burrito #3 didn't come with any. Probably a passive aggressive way of saying that they were tired of me sending back burritos. The burrito wasn't particularly tasty, but it wasn't particularly bad, either. It didn't have a lot of filling in it, but that probably goes along with the lack of chips.

This is the first time I've gotten a non-veg dish or had trouble explaining vegan needs in South Minneapolis. There's enough vegans here that usually restaurants are familiar with it.

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