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Hanover, New Hampshire


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Cupcake Vendor at the Hanover Farmer's Market


Cupcake Queen sells a variety of cupcakes at the Hanover Farmer's Market. Sometimes vegan cupcakes are available. Cupcake Queen is also willing to make vegan cupcakes as a special order.

Note: The Hanover Farmer's Market operates from June 1 - October 12.

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Cupcake Queen has been bringing vegan cupcakes to the Hanover Farmer's market every week this summer! So far, the flavors have been: vanilla chai, coconut mocha, coconut buttercream and coconut with chocolate ganache. I can't begin to describe how much Cupcake Queen has brightened my summer with their delicious offerings.

Original Review: June 8, 2011

I was thrilled when I found out that there are vegan cupcakes available at the Hanover Farmer's Market. Today, the vegan flavor was vanilla chai, which came topped with a ripe blackberry. The cake texture was perfect - light and airy, without being overly dense. The cinnamon in the cake gave it a nice "kick." The frosting was creamy and sweet. There was just enough frosting that it didn't run out before I finished the cupcake, but there wasn't so much frosting that it overpowered the cake. I really hope that Cupcake Queen continues to sell vegan cupcakes in the future, because they were some of the yummiest cupcakes that I have ever had. If vegan cupcakes become a regular part of the menu, I will gladly upgrade my rating from "great" to "excellent."

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The Hanover Farmer's Market is located at the Hanover Town Green

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Vegan coconut cupcakes with a blue buttercream frosting (left) and with a chocolate ganache frosting (right).

Vegan coconut cupcakes with a blue buttercream frosting (left) and with a chocolate ganache frosting (right).

Vegan cinnamon chai cupcakes. Vegan coconut mocha cupcakes


3pm - 6pm

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