Mi Vida Cafe

Miami, Florida


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Located in MiMO, Mi Vida cafe is located next to Divine Trash, a vintage sort of store... The cafe has a huge side area that has a plethora of space for outside dining. It is decorated in an eclectic mix of treasures and finds. The food is spiced and priced right. Give the daily specials a try. If you are a vegetarian or vegan living in the Miami area and you have (like me) been looking for the perfect place to eat that also can nourish your body. .put your sneakers on now and run to Mi Vida cafe where your life awaits you.. your new food life.

rating star


The food was amazing! Glad to see that healthy and delicious options are available in Miami.

The food was organic, fresh and made to order right in front of you.

I would highly recommend it to ALL! Will make it a point of stopping by at least once a week to try the specials.

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