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If you're looking for 100% vegan fine dining, this is the best place I've ever visited. We ate outside, but the atmosphere inside appeared romantic if a little cramped. Our server was friendly, knowledgeable, and clearly loved the place.

The food is excellent. The Fried Plantains appetizer was cooked to perfection. They are served with a sour cream and smoky hot sauce - a combination I'll be mimicking from now on when I prepare plantains at home. The Mushroom & Noodle appetizer came with locally harvested, wild chicken of the woods mushrooms. It was the best thing I ate during our week or so in Asheville. We also had the Applewood Smoked Porto'house. The polenta was seared by a wizard and the v-1 steak sauce was clearly stolen from the gods. They even had a clever cocktail list.

Prices are a little high with entrees costing $18 - $20, but it was totally worth it. I'm looking forward to my next visit!

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Atmosphere: 2.5
It was simple and well set up for what space they had, but it was a little cramped with the tables positioned so that it was difficult to maneuver around. Fancy, cute, semi-romantic.

Service: 4.5
The service was pretty superb. The two of us kept remarking on their mind-reading abilities, because they came by for refills on drinks and bread (for the amazing hummus platter) as soon as we were about to ask for more. Despite it being extremely busy, the staff was very attentive and cordial.

Food: 5.0
There is no doubt that Plant is expensive. It is. But all three dishes (each of our entrees and the starter) were fantastic. The flavours in each one paired extremely well with each other, and very much had their own distinct flavours. We ordered the smoked hummus starter (which was smoky! and delicious), the pumpkin seed-crusted seitan, and the raw enchiladas. The sizes of the dishes were definitely on the side of "gourmet" -- they were setup very prettifully, but they didn't take up the whole dish. They were pricey without huge portions, but they were undeniably filling and tasty.

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I was allowed to get a peek of their kitchen and their work one day before the dinner rush. Relaxing music played and the staff smiled and laughed as they prepared the food. The head chief and part owner was very friendly and accomidating. He is a long time vegan and sees the restaurant as a way to promote vegan lifestyle. Plant is the new buzz around Asheville, I hear vegans and non vegans raving about the delicious food.
All our food was delicious. My four year old son said the soup is too good, he has started to refer to the restaurant as the restaurant of love and light. My family of three was very comfortable there. We were checked on and cared for. I left feeling fed body and soul.
Latter we brought my meat eating parents. They loved it too.

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