Black Sea Restaurant

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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This is a tiny, cash-only hole-in-the-wall that almost makes you feel like you're somewhere in Turkey with the elaborate, and perhaps excessive, decorations and bead-curtains all over the place.

I came here around 1:30 p.m. on a Thursday and it was packed, though people steadily started clearing out. Be warned about this if you're looking to get a lunch table (there are only a few) at peak time.

I had a falafel sandwich ($4.65 without tax) combo which comes with fries. It was okay at best. Basically it was a white flour pita pocket stuffed with four or five falafel pieces, a few shreds of lettuce, and exactly one small slice of tomato. I felt kind of jipped on the ingredients. The lettuce and tomato were really low-grade, too, and completely flavorless.

The falafel pieces themselves were passable. My main gripes are that they were too soft and that the filling was not flavorful enough.

I don't like white flour pita so I wish they offered a whole wheat option. This particular pita wasn't very good either---too paper-y and chewy.

I give this place three stars instead of two because I liked the service and the low prices. The owner was a super-friendly guy who promptly greeted me upon entrance even though the place was bustling. I also like the Turkish coffee and tea which they serve in tiny glass cups.

On a whole, if you're looking for good falafel, my three top spots remain: Mim's (St. Paul); Abu Nader (St. Paul); and Loon Deli (Minneapolis).

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The owners are amazingly nice. I am a vegan and love this place. Everything tastes so good, you're full and it's super cheap.

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The food here is incredible and the owners are even more incredible. They are so sweet and their food is so fresh. I can always count on a great meal here. It gets really busy at lunch time so stop in early or late to beat the rush. I highly recommend this cute little YUMMY place!

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The falafel here is terrific! The prices are very reasonable, and quite a few things can be made vegan.

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This is my new favorite restaurant. I love the food and the atmosphere. This is a very small restaurant, so I wouldn't plan on going to it with 10 of your closest friends during a regular mealtime, there have been several times that I have gone and there was nowhere to sit. There is also nowhere to wait for a table; I would gladly wait outside, only in the summer!

The food is very delicious and inexpensive. They also sell fun non-food items -- I bought my favorite bracelet here. I would especially recommend the soup. It's fantastic.

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