Green Corner

Chicago, Illinois


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If you love cilantro, Green Corner makes a drink called "Green Dream" with Cilantro, Avocado, Kale, Lime Juice, Apple Juice and Pineapple ($7). It was mind-blowing deliciousness. I mean, you know those occasional few veg*n items that you'll try for the first time and you feel like "Damn! Where has this been all my life?" You almost feel deprived for not having discovered or been able to eat it sooner. That's how I felt when I recently had my first Sweet&Sara marshmallow and how I felt long ago when I had my first taste of seitan. Anyway, I digress.

Also fantastic is the Superfood Supreme with blueberries, kale, spinach, pineapple and apple juice ($7). I had high hopes for the King Kong made with bananas, chocolate hemp protein and coconut water ($7) but it wasn't as tasty a treat as it sounded. It was good but nothing to write home about.

Green Corner also had a number of homemade, pre-bottled juices in the cooler. When I went they were all Secret Squirrel - not labeled with names or descriptions so I grabbed one and it was fantastic.

The menu on the Green Corner's website is outdated. Most of her drinks are vegan now. I'm holding the print menu in my hand - she has 21 signature drinks and only 4 contain yogurt. The only milk I see in any of the drinks is almond milk. All drinks are $6, 7 or $9.

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