Miami, Florida


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Have eaten at Konata's four times now. Usually to go. Small, friendly place. Seating is limited to barstools and countertops along wall. Clean. Menu changes daily. Basically ital (vegan) food. Good, down to earth, and enjoyable. Meal is about $10. Usually two or three types of dessert/breads. Some fresh made drinks.

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I was a little leery of entering this place as it is a bit out of the way for me and looked a bit ominous as it had dark windows with bright neon OPEN sign. But as I was dieing for good vegetarian food and I have not had any since leaving New York I forced myself to go in. And thank God I did!!

The restaurant is on the smallish side but immaculate with wonderful Reggae music emanating throughout. Their service is attentive and friendly.

And the food! Oh, where can I begin??

I was absolutely floored by the scrumptiousness of their yatties (Veggie Patties). After buying three I never left the parking lot and was forced to go back in to immediately get some more. This was hands down THE BEST vegetarian food I have eaten since coming to Miami. Other vegetarian places that have consistently received good reviews in South Florida have left me more than unimpressed. I implore you to try this place out whether you are a vegetarian or not you will not be disappointed.

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Rice and peas, callaloo, plantains, salad, and a delicious stew for $10! I got there 10 minutes after closing and they still served me with a smile AND gave me a dessert for free so I could try it! This place was amazing! They definitely have a repeat customer in me!

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DELICIOUS is all I can say. Konata's is worth the trip from anywhere. His cooking is inspired and you can taste the love. $10 gets you a huge plate of home cooked "Food". Ackee, Ital Yatties, Nutritious Soy Dinners with Savory Vegetables, Rice, Pasta, and Salad, Fresh Juices and Incredible Homemade Soups. This is Jamaican Ital Food at its best served in a high vibration environment. The restaurant is immaculate. Eat in or take out. Not to be missed, hole in the wall GEM. You will leave rejuvinated, nourished and revived.

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