Wok N Fire

Kane County, Illinois


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This place is pretty bad. For one thing, it's like a not-as-good imitation of PF Changs. It attracts 20-30 somethings (which is interesting, because I didn't realize there are single, professional 20-30 somethings in the far western suburbs of Chicago).

Anyway, it seems like a good date spot. But the food options for vegans and vegetarians stink.

For one thing, they don't have any vegan or vegetarian sushi rolls (though I think they could make some).

Secondly, of their stir-fry and noodle dishes, only a few are actually vegetarian (the Szechuan, Chinese brown and teriyaki); all the rest contain oyster sauce. So make sure to ask questions if you're a strict vegetarian.

My mom and I shared a Szechuan vegetable and a Chinese brown with tofu (both $12 a piece). The dishes tasted exactly alike: corn-starchy sauce without any flavor, covering a variety of vegetables. While I liked the vegetable mix, and the option for brown rice, the sauce was just terrible. Worse yet, they put in a ton of chili, which just ended up in a spicy sauce that had no inherent flavor on its own. All burn, no delight.

The service was not very good either. Our server wasn't particularly friendly and took a good 10 minutes to bring us water and a ginger soda we ordered.

The weird thing is that I've been to two other Wok N Fire branches and didn't have nearly as bad an experience. Then again, I was less discerning in the past.

I would not come back here unless I were desperate. If you're vegan or vegetarian, go two doors down to Prasino, which has much better food in a much better environment.

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