Wok in the Park

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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After some very disappointing service from some our former go-to places for take-out (ie. missing items in order despite paying for them), I was on the search for another place that could vegan and GF at the same time. This is few and far between for Asian options. Soy sauce has gluten in it and I was happy to hear the Wok in the Park using Tamari which is gluten-free.

We tried all vegan/gf -- Pho with tofu, Sunrise Stir Fry with Tofu and Hot Sacred Basil. All were very fresh with lots of veggies, not greasy and had wonderful flavor (no MSG too).

Two thumbs up from this vegan / GF. Also, for the omnivores -- they look to have a lot of great things too so it looks like every can dine here! If only they had a location in Minneapolis.

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I can't believe no one has reviewed this place yet! In short, this place is a haven for gluten free vegans, and vegans in general. They make their own gluten free, vegan oyster sauce in house, and only use gluten free soy sauce in all of their dishes. The wait staff is ridiculously well versed in veganism because the head chef himself was a vegan for years before coming to Wok In The Park. None of their menu items are marked as vegan friendly because the only thing not vegan friendly on the menu are the egg noodles, which can be subbed with rice noodles into any dish. The tofu spring rolls are gigantic and crunchy, and come with a ginger spiked GF soy sauce when ordered vegan. I also had the Cherry Own Curry and the Sunrise Stir Fry. The cherry curry at W.I.T.P. is everything i loved about Than Do's cranberry curry, but hotter, and with better vegetables- onions, and heaps of delicate asparagus instead of just onions. The sunrise stirfry was a my favorite- veggies, pineapple, tofu and cashews in a creamy turmeric and 5 spice sauce. It was unique, sweet, spicy, and savory all at once and was a great example of indian-meets chinese. They also offer brown rice for an upcharge of 2$. 2$ seems a bit overkill for brown rice, but at least i was given the option. The only reason it's taken me this long to eat here is that its not convenient to Northeast Minneapolis, but, my prenatal classes are conveniently close so i plan on coming in for dinner now after each one.

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