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Certainly not the best Indian joint for vegans and vegetarians in the Phoenix area, but I wouldn't mind going back. It is small and a lot of the menu has meat. However, there are two things about this restaurant that I noticed that made it seem less authentic.

1.) They serve alcohol.
2.) They serve beef.

This is the first time I've seen beef on an Indian menu and only the second Indian restaurant I've seen with alcohol. The first being a bad experience.

They were able to inform me that the dahl curry WAS allegedly vegan. It was pretty good. Not the greatest dahl in the world, but this bring me to lack-of-authenticity point number...

3.) Their "spicy" is not very spicy. It's American spicy. I asked for my dahl to be really spicy and it came out hot but milder than most Indian joints.

So in conclusion, unauthentic and meat-centric, however vegan friendly.

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