Picazzo's Organic Italian Kitchen

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona


rating star

I felt that their portions and prices weren't great/worth it (the large Vegetarian pizza is like a medium Papa John's pizza for $22). The flavors are good. They were stingy on the non-dairy cheese though, so it was like a cream sparsely pasted on the pizza. They were honest when asked (before we ordered) that although the menu says olive oil on bread, they actually use butter. The garlic cheese bread is pre-baked so we can't get a non-dairy version. The happy hour $5 dolmas and hummus can be made vegan and was pretty good. The hummus was heavy garlic and it came w/ 2 tinsy pieces of toasted bread corners. Charged us extra for 2 pieces of pita bread to finish the hummus. I saw another table where they just ordered by the slice, not sure how much that is but maybe a better value since the slice is much larger than the ones off the largest pizza they offer on the menu.

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