Red Square

Las Vegas, Nevada


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Red Square does a nice job with the "USSR" theme. It juxtaposes old Russian imperialist decor (rich, red velvet fabric and crystal chandeliers) with the crude cement blocks of Soviet-era architecture and, of course, a healthy dose of Soviet propaganda. It's definitely one of the more interesting bars that I have visited. Not only does it have a neat theme, but the drink selection is top-notch. The restaurant boasts over 200 varieties of vodka, ranging from flavor-infused vodkas to pricey imports from Russia. I sampled a few of the quirky cocktails, most of which resembled tropical drinks but had cute names like "Cuban Missile Crisis" and "From Russia With Love." A friend of mine ordered a tasting of vodkas from different countries (Russia, Poland and Estonia), which he really seemed to enjoy, but I'm not enough of a vodka connoisseur to appreciate the subtle differences. Unfortunately, I didn't find out that tourists are allowed to visit the subzero vodka vault (keeping warm with authentic Russian Army jackets) until afterwards, but I will definitely have to check this out the next time that I'm in Las Vegas.

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