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Veggie Era is a hidden gem! I'm a Pomona student, and I love to escape to Veggie Era whenever I can! I wouldn't say that their menu is universally awesome, but nothing is worse than pretty good, and many entrees are to die for! My favorite is My Sweet and Spicy Lady. The meat substitute they use in it is by far their best one...much better than the TVP chunks that are in a few other dishes, which can get a little soggy. I also love the mock duck appetizer. Finally, the desserts. Oh the desserts. The peanut butter and chocolate truffle pies are both amazingly creamy and decadent. I've also had the chocolate coconut cake, which is pretty darn good, but not as good as the two pies. Anddddd they're prices are quite reasonable, in addition to the service being quick and friendly!

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previously called panda wok, this place is definately the best in asian vegan dining. the prices are good, and the food is perfect, from appetizers to dessert...

things to make sure you try are the (appetizers) skewers (satay) and the basil chickenless, (entrees) mongolian beef, potato curry chickenless, green bean tofu, and even though scottie was somehow cool enough to get a dish named after him, i have a special dish there too they just don't love me enough, but they'll make it, it's the chicken from the potato curry with the green bean tofu sauce... and dessert, oh man, the desserts, always something new to choose from but the banana cake was amazing. even the drinks are original and great.

the service is also wonderful, it's family owned and you'll feel like family every time you eat there.

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The absolute best restaurant ever. I never liked asian food till I ate there. The crazy scottie chickenless special is the absolute best. I work in whittier and live in phoenix and make sure I eat there as often as possible. Did I mention that this is the best restaurant ever? Well, it is.

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