Darbar India Grill

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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This is the go-to Indian place for my husband and me...it's our favorite Indian restaurant in the Twin Cities, and we've been to a bunch. We usually get the chana saag (chickpeas with spinach), which isn't often on the menu at other restaurants and is a nice change-up from the usual chana masala.

Darbar has a long list of vegetarian entrees and many of them are already vegan, so just have your server point them out. If you order the chana saag or alu saag, be sure to ask them to hold the cream. You can ask for the roti without butter so it will be vegan also.

At many places spice heat levels vary from time to time due to different cooks in the kitchen, but Darbar is one of the more consistent restaurants I've been to in terms of mild always being the same level of mild, medium being medium, etc.

The restaurant is new and modern, so the ambiance is a step above many restaurants in this category.

If half-stars were allowed I'd readily give Darbar 4.5. If Darbar offered coconut-based or some other type of vegan lassi, it would be 5 stars all the way! Lassis are one of the few things I miss after going vegan from lacto-ovo.

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Tastes like homemade Indian food. This is definitely my favorite Indian restaurant in the Twin Cities.

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Outstanding service and our food was all very tasty! It did seem a little pricey though.
I thought it was cool that they have a window where you can see into the kitchen.

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