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This is a mediocre pan-Asian joint with nothing that stands out in particular, other than maybe the friendly service and the large portions. While they do have ample vegan options, their mockmeat quality isn't great and the preparations aren't memorable.

I started off with the vegan boneless bbq ribs ($7.25). It consisted of chewy shards of a seitan-like product in a tangy sauce. I don't particularly like this brand of mockmeat; you see it frequently in low-grade Chinese restaurants in NYC, and also higher-grade pan-Asian joints like Wild Ginger, Zen Palate, Soy and Sake Village, and Gobo. In any case, I found the pieces to be excessively chewy and the sauce a bit too strong (it seemed like it was out of a plastic tube).

The pan-fried vegetable chive pockets ($4), however, were much tastier and made on-site (unlike the scallion pancake, which comes frozen from the distributor and is just reheated). I liked the soy-ginger dipping sauce and the freshness of the pockets.

For the main entrees I got a vegan chicken stir-fry made with the mango sauce ($11). The chicken they use was not good: it was way to soft and didn't have the firmness required to resemble meat. Tofu would have been better for this dish. The sauce was not tasty, either. I particularly disliked the large chunks of industrial-grade pink tomatoes dumped into the mix.

Next I had a chow fun noodle dish with vegan beef and the Singapore curry sauce (it's all mix and match; $9). This dish was far tastier with savory curry notes, green onions and a competent "beef" that seemed to be well-made seitan. I don't know why they don't use this product for the vegan ribs appetizer.

While Anoho does well to offer brown rice, they should go a step further and have a whole wheat or whole grain option for their noodle dishes; how about soba noodles or brown rice noodles?

The service was friendly and attentive and the ambiance is nice, with low lighting and comfortable chairs. This would be a good spot to take a date. Lastly, the portion sizes are large and you do feel like you get a good value for your money, even if the quality of the food is mixed.

On a whole, Anoho is not great or remarkable in any way. But for pan-Asian foods in Middletown, it does the trick.

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