Cafe Mingala

Manhattan, New York City


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Oddly enough, Cafe Mingala was the only Burmese restaurant that I could find in all of New York. The food was decent, but I've definitely had better Burmese food in other cities. My main complaint is that the Tea Leaf Salad seemed a bit off. Tea Leaf Salad is normally my favorite Burmese dish, but unfortunately the flavor wasn't as pungent here as in other places and it contained lots of peanuts and very few of the other crunchy seeds that are normally found in Tea Leaf Salad. On the plus side, the portions at Cafe Mingala were very generous. Between the Tea Leaf Salad and a side of the Coconut Rice, I had more than enough food for dinner. The waiter was very polite and the service was quick. I will probably end up eating here again, if only because I'm obsessed with Burmese food.

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