Pine Box Rock Shop

Brooklyn, New York City


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This is a large, chill bar with a limited food menu consisting of three types of vegan empanadas. If you want a good drink, a board game and maybe some difficult trivia, then Pine Box is a gem.

The drinks are great (they even have vegan white russians!) and not terribly priced ($5 for a mixed drink); they also have a goodly variety of bottled and draft beers.

On a whole, this is a cool bar. If they had more food options (how about nachos and chili cheese fries?) it would be even better and more on-par with the other vegan bars in the country like Bye and Bye in Portland and Highline in Seattle.

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I don't drink so I can't comment about the plentiful vegan drinks, but I can, however, comment about the food. :) I also know Pine Box does a lot of trivia nights and fun sort of events, which is always welcome.

I went to Pine Box recently for their final vegan waffle brunch of the season; they say they may start it up again next spring. I went with the berry waffles, which were good and pretty reasonable. I'd say the taste was average and they were served on a paper plate, but it's a bar, for goodness sakes, so I'm happy with that. :)

My friends and I also shared some vegan empanadas which are made by V Spot in Park Slope. My favorite was the jerk seitan, which was nice and spicy. The sauce it came with was also really good and came in a huge plastic cup. I tried my friend's Philly Cheesesteak empanada, which would have been amazing if either 1) it didn't have mushrooms, or 2) I didn't hate mushrooms. The flavor and texture was right on, so if you're not opposed to fungus, I'd recommend that one.

Again, I don't drink so I don't care all that much that there's a vegan bar in my neighborhood (aside from obviously beinig happy that there's no meat/dairy on the menu), but in the event that I'm roped into "going for drinks", I'm happy to have a vegan establishment to suggest. :)

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I didn't know what to expect from an all-vegan bar, so I was struck by how ordinary the Pine Box Rock Shop seemed. There weren't any "Why Vegan" leaflets floating around, or video screens showing images of farm animals. Instead, Pine Box Rock Shop felt pretty much like every other bar that I have ever been to. There was a large TV showing a sports game on one end of the bar. Near the back, there was an old video arcade game console (I have to admit, I thought that Big Buck Hunter was a slightly strange choice for a vegan bar). The clientele consisted primarily of hipsters in their 20's, but everyone seemed pretty friendly and the bar wasn't overly crowded at 1 AM on a Friday night. I got the sense that a lot of the bar patrons weren't aware that the bar was all-vegan, which I found to be surprisingly refreshing.

One reason that Pine Box Rock Shop is able to slide under the radar of people who might not normally frequent a vegan establishment is that the drink menu doesn't ever use the words "vegan" or "dairy-free." A friend of mine ordered a White Russian at one point and I noticed that the bartender pulled out a carton of soy milk in order to make it. For me, the most exciting item on the menu was the homemade vegan Irish Cream. In order to take advantage of this rare opportunity, I ordered the Sam In A Sweater (which was basically like an alcoholic root beer float made with the Irish Cream). It was fun for me to be able to go to a bar and order anything on the menu without worrying about the ingredients.

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