Kate's Joint

Manhattan, New York City


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This is a great hangout and is good for large groups but the food is pretty average and I think a lot of items are overpriced. I was really excited to try their "shrimp" bites but it was pretty much battered tofu bites with cocktail sauce. The veggie burger is also so-so; nothing spectacular. Their vegan nachos are good, and their mashed potatoes are amazing, as are the gravy/cheese fries, but their brunch is totally not worth it (super plain tofu scramble).

Most recently, I friend and I ordered the vegan southern chicken dinner for two (something like that), which came with lots of food: fried tofu, BBQ tofu, collards, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and black eye peas - there was lots of food for about $17 but we both thought that nearly every item on the platter was bland.

Their desserts are also not very good--go to Atlas (2nd Ave btw 4th and 5th) for dessert. Last time I dined, they had no desserts and we were told that they sometimes don't have desserts, as Kate (the owner, I would imagine), does all the baking and doesn't always have time. I guess that's okay for a brand new, tiny vegan restaurant, but this place has been around forever and underwent a decent renovation so I'd expect them to get it together and have a consistent menu.

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I went here one time and what I remember about it was my date found hair in her food (mashed potatoes). Despite the hair, the food was ok but nothing special.

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I flew from Chicago to New York and paid $20 in cab fare to eat at Kate's Joint. Along with my daughter, I wanted to introduce my mother to vegetarian cuisine. The food was tasty but the waitress was extremely rude. I requested half of a dinner for two item on the menu. I was told that this could not be done, then I was told that it could, only to receive 3 of the 7 items on the dinner for two meal. The waitress misinformed me and offered no recourse. When asked to speak to a manager I was told that the manager did't speak English. So I had to purchase another dinner for two plate. The waitress was very uncaring and cold in her demeanor. She gave us a final bill, and never asked if we wanted a drink, dessert or anything else. Also the waitress wore shorts too tight and short ; inappropriate for serving food. If we weren't so tired from shopping and unfamiliar with traveling around New York, we would have left and gone somewhere else to eat.

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I have been here several times over the years and have never had a problem except for the slow service! Good Food!

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Kate's Joint was exactly what I needed after a long day of walking around and dealing with the crowds and aggression of New York.

For one thing, the place is huge (by Manhattan standards) and I liked that I didn't feel like I was in a closet. I had room to stretch, and there's also a bar, in addition to a dining area.

I had a country-fried unsteak ($12.95) which consisted of perfectly-crisped and battered seitan, along with sides of green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a dollop of sweet potato mash. It was hearty, filling and well-executed. I wouldn't say the food is as good as Soul Vegetarian East in Chicago, but it was more than competent.

Kate's Joint also participates in the Mileage Plus Dining program, which was a nice perk.

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I live around the corner from Kate's Joint, so probably end up there more than I would if it were not so convenient. However, I believe that their Karin's Burger is great, if not a little bit too salty, as are their nachos (I've only had the dairy nachos). The nachos are amazing and fresh and very generous in the amount. My boyfriend and I usually split the nachos and a burger and are content with the amount of food.. The McKate was recommended by our waiter and was nothing in comparison.

Further, other than the fantastic food that keeps you coming back, the wait staff does leave a bit to be desired. Our waitress left constantly for cigarette breaks and to talk on her cell phone; the only other waitress appeared totally uninterested in helping us...they could have had an off day. I would recommend sitting in the bar area if you have a choice, the staff is much more friendly and the ambiance more inviting.

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I loved Kate's joint before last night. Last night I had the worst restaurant experience I've had in New York yet. As a party of four, it took over an hour to get our food. The waitress was rude, and didn't even try to bring out drinks/appetizers ahead of time. Once the main dishes arrived, the vegan TLT (which I've been ordering for over 5 years) was just awful. Soggy, bland, inedible. When we asked the waitress if there was anything that could be done to make it better, she basically said "no" but she would "tell the kitchen." Nothing was done. No remedy was offered, and the food stayed on the bill.

When we left, the manager followed us out onto the street (?!?), complaining loudly that we had not left a good tip! This was incredible, given that we had left 20 percent - she simply hadn't been careful enough to check the table (where we had left cash) before deciding to stalk us outside! Now, I wish I had given a smaller tip - because the service was just awful. I can forgive a restaurant for an off night on the food, but I can't forgive a spot for treating a regular customer like a piece of dirt! As a loyal customer, I was shocked and hurt and how blatantly rude the staff was.

I have spent the last 5 years telling everyone I could just how great Kate's was. But last night was so horrible, and the interactions with the waitress and manager were so unprofessional, that I have permanently crossed Kate's off the list - and would encourage all readers to do the same.

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the vegan chili cheese fries are so delicious. unfortunately they are not totally vegan because they have casien. however, the first time i had them i did not know that, and they were so good that i now make an exception with the casien when i am in town. other great items are the bbq tempeh, tofu and seitan, with mashed potatoes and greens. vegan cheescake for desert is delicious.

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the food is ok. the first time i went there i got something with cheese, the second time my waitress told me there is casein in the cheese. be sure to ask.

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The disco fries (aka poutine) were really delicious, and their various burgers, like the pizza and chili cheese burgers, are vegan junk food delights.

You might consider skipping the desserts, however. They're not bad, but there are better ones to be had nearby at Counter or Teany.

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This place is incredible. You must try the buffalo wings. And the disco fries (called poutine if you have been to Montreal).

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i like it, but they should definitely have vegan milkshakes!

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