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This location of Psycho Donuts is larger and grungier than the Campbell one; unlike the Campbell location, it only carries one variety of vegan donut (Campbell usually has two types).

It's a weird spot. Kind of breezy and you get a view of the inside of a parking garage, as well as people walking back and forth for the attached movie theater.

The blue velvet donut we had was great: not too sweet and nicely cake-y.

This isn't exactly a cozy spot where you'd want to hang out with friends or a laptop, but if you're looking for a quick vegan donut and a cup of tea, it'll do.

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Thanks to a random Google search of "vegan donuts, San Jose", I stumbled upon Psycho Donuts, hooray! This particular location only had the vegan french toast donut when I visited, but it was very good. The texture was right on and the french toast variety is a very unique flavor for a donut. The other Psycho Donut location (on Winchester) has more vegan options but is a little further out of the central San Jose area.

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