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Waffle Frolic has fantastic comfort food for lunch or dinner. The coolest thing on the menu was the vegan waffle dog. They also had several different fancy grilled cheese sandwiches, made with daiya cheese by request. You can get tomato soup too of course!

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Waffle Frolic is a cute place to stop for lunch. As the name might suggest, all of the foods that Waffle Frolic sells seem to revolve around waffles. You can get a peanut butter and jelly waffle sandwich, a vegan waffle dog (which is basically like a corn dog, but with waffle batter instead) or a waffle with your choice of toppings. Any of the waffles can be made with vegan or gluten-free batter upon request. I decided to order the waffle dog for my lunch, which came with maple mustard dipping sauce. On its own, the waffle dog wasn't very filling, but I didn't mind having an excuse to order a waffle ice cream sundae (made with mint chocolate chip coconut milk ice cream) for dessert.

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