Eden Alley Cafe and Catering

Kansas City, Missouri


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We've never had a bad meal here - it's even one of my omni boyfriend's favorites.

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This is my favorite vegetarian place I have ever been to! Everything I have had is great! The tacos are one of my favorite.

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Wow, this is a cool place. It's one of those institutional vegetarian joints that's hip, smart and always in the groove.

The menu here is entirely vegetarian and mostly vegan and they also have different dine-in and dessert specials daily.

I started off with a single taco ($5.50) which came with a large helping of brown rice and a small side salad. The taco itself was amazing with succulent, marinated tvp and the best cashew "cheese" I've ever had. We vegans should drop the soy cheese and even Daiya, because these nut cheeses, when done properly, can work wonders.

I like that they allow single servings of many of their items, including tacos, falafel, and a few other options. It's nice to be able to get a variety of things. I'd love to see them offer a combo platter at some point.

For my main course I had their veggie burger ($10). I was not as impressed with the burger. It tasted decent on a whole, but the individual components needed work. For example, the veggie patty was bland and flavorless on its own (I think it was corn- and carrot-based). The bun was passable. The aioli they slathered on the bun and the lettuce was tasty, but they put way too much on the burger, making all the greens slide out of the thing and plop onto my plate. To improve the burger, I'd suggest a tvp patty (not unlike the delicious tvp used in the taco), with avocado and mushrooms added to the burger. Fries would be nice, too.

For dessert I had a slice of their "Pollock" cake ($6), a coconut-vanilla-chocolate chip delight. The flavor on this thing was great and the slice itself was gigantic. My only minor tweak would be to find a way to make it a little less dense, and a bit more airy and fluffy, if at all possible. Otherwise, it's a heavy monster.

The service was fast, friendly and gracious. The decor and ambiance were both great: Eden Alley has a huge, warehouse-style setup with high ceilings and excellent use of lighting and colors. It also has an art gallery/store near the front. This would be a good place to take a date.

Eden Alley won me over and I look forward to returning.

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All the food we got here was fabulous, and we were delighted with the selection as well as the desserts. We liked the atmosphere, but the cavernous church basement was too noisy for conversation with my elderly guests.

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I love this place. They have a wide variety of selections, and I've enjoyed everything I've tried. I also like the artsy atmosphere. Just make sure you check out their hours of operation before you go. There have been a couple of times that I have driven out there only to discover that it's closed.

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I love Eden Alley! They have great food. The Spinach Loaf with Marinara is heaven as are the roasted sweet potatoes. I used to live in Kansas City and it is one of the restaurants I miss most.

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Kansas City's premier veg restaurant, devoted to gourmet vegan and vegetarian entrees, many seasonal. Menu changes almost daily. Vegan desserts, when available, are amazing and delicious (vegetarian desserts always available). Fun, casual atmosphere. Web site includes day's menu. http://www.edenalley.com

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