Gmonkey Mobile

Middletown Area, Connecticut


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I want to eat every meal at Gmonkey Mobile. The food is pure, delicious, fresh, light and the best veg I've ever had!

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The Gmonkey mobile truck rolled up to Bushnell Park in Hartford on balmy day (clouds like meringue, dogwoods alight with pink butterfly blooms) and brought incredible cheer to us downtown vegetarians, for whom lunch choices are slim. Disarmingly charming proprietors, diverse menu choices for a truck, fresh made on demand. With misgivings rooted in many prior experiences with that distinctly New England phenomenon of dairy-laden, bean dense, tasteless wannabees, I had the black bean burrito. It was amazing. Flavor-rich, perfectly cooked beans, a bright counterpoint of salsa, spinach wrap that embraced as opposed to smothering the entire thing. It was a meal large enough for both lunch and supper, but I will unashamedly admit that I polished the entire thing off in one happy sitting. Delicious, ideologically compelling, environmentally sound. Both revelatory and revolutionary. I wish there was a "love" rating.

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