I'm not giving this place a rating since I didn't actually eat the food. Just FYI for vegans: The waiter informed me that neither the pita bread is vegan (whey and casein), nor the falafel (egg). The only things he told me were vegan were the dolmathes, salads, hummus, and 'vegie hash' without the cheese.

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Who knew this place was so popular? It was packed when I went there on a weekday, and it took a while to seat my party of three. There are limited vegan options on the menu. The standard falafel I had was decent. I would go here again if I was with somebody who really wants to go there or if I'm bored of the other options.

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This is one of those places I've walked by a hundred times but never bothered to check out until recently. I like that they have the guts to be a Greek restaurant on a street full of predominantly Asian (and increasing Mexican) restaurants; they fill a niche and create variety.

I had a falafel and soup combo meal ($6.55 without tax), which also comes with french fries. Unfortunately, neither of the soups were vegan, so I substituted a tabouli salad. I thought it would be free, but they charged me $2.30 for it which I guess is okay, considering the size of the salad.

Christo's has a number of vegetarian items, but very few vegan options (I think the hummus, tabouli and falafel are the only ones), which is disappointing, but probably better-than-average for Greek restaurants. The tabouli was good: fresh, light and simple. That said, I got tired of the taste after about ten bites or so---how much parsley can a man take? My server also tossed in some free warm, soft pita slices on the side; this pita was great.

The falafel sandwich was a mixed experience. I think the falafel pieces were good and competent, but the pita pocket they used was mediocre at best: dry; chewy; and white flour (why no wholewheat option?). Also, why was this pita pocket so markedly different in quality from the delicious, fresh pita slices they'd served me earlier?

They made another crucial error in loading the pocket with yet more tabouli. I'm sorry, but tabouli and falafel don't mix that well and Christo's should just stick to lettuce, tomatoes and red onions. The tahini sauce was good and the french fries were tasty though I felt like it was too much food.

The service was friendly and prompt. The decor on the inside is really warm, pleasant and elegant; this is a good business-lunch spot or a place to take your grandparents. Indeed, the clientele is also much older than you normally see on Nicollet Avenue (the average age in there must have been around 50).

By the way, lunch prices are significantly lower than dinner prices here, so while I think this is a great lunch spot, it would be a bit too expensive for dinner.

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They offer the standard vegetarian fare (falafel, spanikopita, moussaka, etc) but it is quite good. I can't speak to the strictly vegan offers, but if you do dairy as I do, there seems enough on the menu for me to have a choice. If they have the melon soup on the menu, it's totally worth getting, as is the tomato feta soup. I would say this is a good place for a mixed veggie/carnivore group (as long as other diner's platters of meat don't bother you), as the menu will satisfy most.

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For a Greek restaurant Christo's is surprisingly vegetarian friendly. That's not to say that there's a lot for vegans here or that you won't see platefuls of meat passing you, but the restaurant staff seem pretty conscientious about accomodating non-meat eaters. There's usually at least one soup on the menu that's marked "vegetarian" (I had the tomato basil feta - yum - and a friend had a cream-based apple butternut squash soup that kicked butt). The menu lists about six or seven vegetarian entrees, including stuffed grape leaves, falafel, veggie mousaka, and spanakopita. I had a sampler plate with the last two and both dishes were excellent. Most entrees were about $10-11, but you get a lot of food for the price (dinner entrees include soup or salad, entree, plus often a side dish - and the portions are pretty substantial). Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. Christo's is several steps above the typical Greek diner fair.

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