Sweeties Fine Chocolate

Northhampton, Massachusetts


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Sweeties has a large sign in the window advertising the availability of vegan chocolate, and it doesn't disappoint! I was thrilled to discover that the chocolates on the top shelf in the glass display case are vegan. Sweeties also has a whole section of vegan cordials that come in a number of different flavors (ex. amaretto, mint), as well as some exotic varieties of vegan chocolate bars. All of the vegan products are clearly marked, and there are helpful "not vegan" signs next to a few of the items that are in close proximity to the vegan section. The prices at Sweeties are very reasonable - for approximately $4, I walked away with 7 cream-filled chocolates and 2 cordials. Best of all, the cashier was wearing a button with the word "vegan" written on it.

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