Star of India

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona


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I used to have more of an affinity for Star of India, but apparently my tastes have changed since becoming vegetarian. I recently went there for the buffet and was a little disappointed with the food. The service is always great and very personal, but sometimes the buffet can be lacking. It's not that the food is bad per se, but the same variety of dishes are always served. Of the six main dishes, four are vegetarian. I know at least two of those have paneer cheese, so vegans might want to call ahead first and check. I do not believe that the naan is vegan either. At any rate, last time I went, the saag was somewhat flavorless and the gulab jamun were dry, even though we arrived when the buffet first opened. This is still a restaurant I will go to whenever I am in Ahwatukee and want a comfortable, enjoyable experience.

Warning: the server will bring tandoori chicken to your table at the start of your meal unless you ask that it not be brought.

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