Modern Times Cafe

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Impressive amount of vegan foods. All clearly labeled.
I had the Don Quixote sandwich and it was yummy!

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There are other places in Minneapolis with vegan brunch options that are as good (Triple Rock, Pizza Luce) or that have an even broader selection (Seward Cafe), but nowhere else has this many options that are this delicious.

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The only thing that isn't great here is the long wait for brunch! The Evergreen is my favorite breakfast--marinated tempeh with kale and tahini sauce on hashbrowns. There are many options, as most menu items are available vegetarian and/or vegan. About half of them are Tex-Mex flavored. I have always had great service and love the French-press coffee, as well as the do-it-yourself spirit.

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Our go to breakfast place... really great for Celiac Vegan.

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We had amazing food and great service! The only drawback is that it is a tiny, tiny restaurant.

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I've been there several times now and always enjoy the food and coffee. I often get the vegan Jonathan Richman or seitan melt sandwich and both are delicious. Their hashbrowns are my fave of any around town. I also like the vegan pancakes with the real maple syrup they serve. Their ingredients always seem fresh and of high quality, and the prices are super reasonable. My experience of the service is good: polite, not schmoozy which is refreshing, my coffee is always kept hot and filled, I don't have to wait too long for the food, and I don't have to explain what vegan means. The only drawback is that it's a small place so it fills up fast sometimes.

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The place had a very laid-back vibe, The interior is a bit beat down but the food is amazing, the best vegan sandwiches in the city, i just wish it was open for dinner during the week, The Jonathan Richman and Voyeur Melt are particularly tasty,

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My friends and I had brunch here a week ago and had a thoroughly mixed experience. I ordered a plate with sauteed vegetables and tofu with corn tortillas (it originally included toast). I was satisfied with my food and felt happy with its health factor and affordability but I definitely enjoyed the bites I swiped of my friends' hashbrowns and spicy Tuscon and Southwest Scrambles.

Other things tried: vegan pancakes which came with a generous amount of real maple syrup and a chai latte which was on the sweet side but delicious nonetheless.

However, as other reviewers have noted, Modern Times seems to specialize in many slightly different variations scrambled tofu and hashbrowns. While good, more varied and exciting options would draw me back more quickly.

Finally, service was a bit of an issue. Sometimes the server filled our glasses, sometimes we got up to fill our own. One companion ended up with four meals on her tab when she only ordered two. When the lunch hour came (they serve separate breakfast and lunch menus) the group was forced to leave.

I liked Modern Times Cafe's hashbrowns and commitment to providing vegan options but I'd just as much prefer to go to the Seward Cafe or Hard Times for brunch in the future.

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Wonderful! Everything here was wonderful! I had the 2021 (?) sandwhich, tried the Voyaer (delicious), Beet Salad, Potato Leek Soup and their coffee was also great! highly recommend going here!

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love this place! i have been here 4 times already, 3 for brunch, once for lunch. i like that they're a breakfast joint that appeals to all dietary preferences (including gluten-free), and offer more than the basic tofu scramble. but, just so those who come are aware, this place doesn't do frou-frou faux cheeses and fancy mock meats; proteins are old-school t.v.p., tofu, and AMAZING house-made seitan, and most breakfasts will include tofu. so far the favorites in my house are the evergreen scramble, polenta tofu rancheros, de niro seitan sandwich, and the tofu migas. the service is exceptionally friendly, your coffee will never be half full, and if you're lucky, there will be a dj playing his personal record collection while you eat. the only downside to this place is that it's quaint, so on our last visit we waited a half hour for a seat, but it was worth it.

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Modern Times is a welcome addition to the American diner-foods world of the Twin Cities. It's a quaint, cozy place with really friendly and attentive service.

I came twice, both times for breakfast, and got to try a bunch of dishes.

The wild rice pancakes ($5) were awesome: totally Minnesotan; fresh; filling; and just plain tasty. They're by far the best vegan pancakes in the Twin Cities.

The bagel with tofu spread, spinach and tomato ($4) was really hefty and hard to eat. It's the type of sandwich that spills out all over your plate and makes a mess. I wasn't impressed with the taste of it, either; I think a more traditional bagel sandwich would have been better (maybe with a vegan sausage patty and some cashew "cheese"?).

As far as the tofu scramble/hash plates go, the vegan dishes all kind of blended together, in my opinion. The Tucson Hippy ($7) and the Not Your Mother's Migas ($8), for example, have nearly identical ingredient lists.

I liked the Migas slightly better, especially with the addition of some spicy chorizo. That said, the dish felt sparse and not particularly filling. It also was the type of dish that gets soggy and less appealing very quickly (owing to the nature of the tortilla chips getting soft with the moisture of the sauces). The chorizo pieces and the tofu, too, were cut up too small, and there wasn't enough of either; I would have preferred larger chunks of each and more quantity.

Lastly, they also have some quality loose-leaf tea options here, which is always a pleasure.

On a whole, Modern Times is good. I just think they could add a few more varied vegan options that are distinct from one another (the addition of vegan breakfast sandwiches would change everything), and also make small changes on the fine details of dishes.

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This place is fantastic! The food was flavorful, interesting, and affordable. The place was clean, and the service was friendly and helpful. The food came promptly.

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I've had lunch here twice and I really like the food. The sandwiches are interesting, though nothing fancy, and the garlic fries are amazing.

The service can be a little slow, but I'm writing this when they've been open less than a week, so I'm sure they're still figuring out all the little details.

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