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The food is good, the prices are right, the staff is friendly, and the music is RIGHT NO! I know of no other place in the city (or country, for that matter, although I'm sure it may exist) where I can dine on Moroccan soy chicken and grits and jam to Sade and Gerald Levert on a Saturday morning. Unheard of!

For brunch, I'm a big fan of the grits, which are perfect by themselves but even better accompanied by the soy Moroccan chicken. For lunch or dinner, the Moroccan soy chicken wrap (pretty much the same as what's served w/ brunch, but with greens and in a wrap) is really good, as is the vegan fish melt. If I had to chose between the two, I'd go with the vegan fish sandwich.

Bushbaby also offers Vegan Treats cakes, which are great if you are in the mood for sweets, but I've been eating the same 6 Vegan Treats cakes at every veg-friendly restaurant in the city so I usually pass.

Please go to Bushbaby. I promise you won't regret it!

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