Saluggi's Pizzeria

Manhattan, New York City


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I must say that Saluggi's far exceeded my expectations. I had never heard about them offering vegan options and then all of a sudden they have Daiya cheese and a huge sign in the front window that says "try our vegan pizza with Daiya cheese". Outstanding!

I took my (vegetarian, but not-vegan-yet) mom here for dinner when she was in town and we were both very impressed. We had a coupon so we ordered the large veggie pie, which came with red sauce, olives, peppers, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and Brussels sprouts. We also added vegan Daiya cheese to it. This pizza was phenomenal. The Brussels sprouts were roasted to perfection and really made it special and the vegan cheese melted perfectly. At $25, the pizza was pretty pricey, but it really was delicious.

We also got the garlic fries, which I was expecting to just be regular fries with garlic powder. NO! These fries looked home cut and came with tons of fresh garlic crushed on. The garlic flavor was way too intense for my mom but I loved them. I barely ate any because the pizza was so big but I took them home in my pizza box and reheated them for a late-night snack. :)

We dined outside because it was one of the first really warm days in spring, but I can't say that I really enjoyed the outdoor dining experience because it was right on a busy street with no trees, but plenty of people shouting, cars honking and blasting rap music. I would forego the outdoor seating in the future but I will definitely be back to eat.

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