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I like the vibe at Barbette, and the urban-cool look and location of the joint. It's near a lake, it's in a relatively quiet area (except for the weekends) with lots of old homes and trees and just generally feels like a sidewalk cafe in some foreign country you're supposed to backpack through when you're in your 20s.

I came late on a Tuesday to try their french fries, as I'd heard good things about them. The fries ($5) were okay, but not great by any means; some were crisp and some were soft and limp/soggy. Don't they have any quality control on one of their most famous items?

The service was extremely friendly, smart and hip (I believe our server's name was "Ted"---thank you, Ted!).

Supposedly Barbette can also make rudimentary vegan dishes if you call in advance; otherwise, the menu is sadly animal product-heavy, which negates any faith I might have in the place having a creative chef.

Come to Barbette for the atmosphere and drinks, maybe. Probably not for the food.

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I thought this place was going to wow me when I called ahead and asked if they could accommodate a party of 14 vegans. The chef made a special vegan menu for us and it was very nice. The manager was great, and friendly and accommodating - in word. But in reality, the served our party non-vegan soup and salads with cheese on them which had to be sent back. People started no trusting the food, I got really sick, and it was overall a disaster. Oh, and they must season the food with diamond dust because it costs a fortune.

I think the higher ups try, but the waitstaff just don't care.

The only reason to go are the pomme frites - which are amazing.

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Get here before 11:30 on weeknights (even though they say open until 1) otherwise the bartender will make you feel about as welcome as the plague.

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Barbette has the best fries in town. There's no contest, this is just the truth. (And the portion of fries you get is huge, plenty for 3 people to split.) Barbette also gets major points from me for being open so late and having such a delightful atmosphere. True, the vegetarian selection could be bigger, but there's some winners on the menu. If you go after 10pm on weekdays, (10:30 Friday or Saturday) the late nite menu kicks in. This menu is way cheaper than the dinner menu. My favorite vegetarian menu item is the croque madame sandwich. (Though it's not vegan.) Salads are good too as are crepes and appetizers.

One complaint. They switched chefs about a year ago and I like the old chef's croque madame slightly better. (Not sure that the Ty guy referred to in the description is the new chef or the onld one. I think he might be the old one.) Also, I'm not vegan so I don't look at places with a vegan point of view. Not sure how much stuff would be vegan friendly.

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La Barbette has a lively atmosphere and it's a fun place to go to for groups of four or more people. It doesn't try too hard to be "French", and by doing so, they've created an excellent brasserie.

I don't believe that they have that many vegetarian options on their menu (I've only been here once so far), but their mushroom risotto is worth a try, although a little on the bland side for my tastes. I would go back to explore this place again.

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