Blossom du Jour

Manhattan, New York City


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You MUST and I mean MUST hit Blossom Du Jour if you want to have a great vegan food experience.

This spot is a little haven, all decked out in a super mod way while showcasing happy farm animals on a big screen. Make sure to try the Midtown Melt (oh GOD!) and the Sky Scraper Burger (I get this at least twice a week).

Seating is limited and its packed at lunch time so either get there early to snag a seat or be prepared to walk with that sammy!

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Blossom du Jour may just be my new favorite sandwich shop in New York. On a recent visit, I ordered the BLT Caesar, which was an ingenious combination of two of my favorite lunch items: caesar salad and a BLT. The faux meats had a nice texture and the caesar dressing complemented the rest of the flavors nicely without being too overpowering. The sandwich came on toasted panini bread, which was a bit oily but overall very satisfying. On its own, the sandwich would not have been terribly filling, but I was glad to have a little extra room for the Boston Cream donut that I purchased for dessert.

My only disappointments in Blossom du Jour were in the seating arrangement (lunch counter facing into the wall) and in the beverages, which were just the standard bottled organic options that can be found everywhere. If Blossom du Jour added a juice bar and some table seating, I would give it 5 stars.

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Blossom du Jour is pretty much the only Chelsea place where you can get fast food-style vegan food so I'm a fan. I was surprised to find that their menu is so different from what they offer at Blossom, Cafe Blossom, and V-Note. As noted, there is very limited seating so be prepared to either stand or get your food to go.

I went with the vegan fish sandwich, as one of the employees recommended it and because it's a lot harder to come by vegan fish than it is to come by seitan and tofu sandwiches. The sandwich was pretty good, and reasonably priced at about $8, although I would have needed to also get a side to fill me up.

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Blossom du Jour offers great, hearty sandwiches and comfort foods for low prices. I had a Midtown Melt ($9) which was basically a seitan burger with chipotle aioli, on a spongy bread. I wish the bun had been crispier and flakier, but it was still a great sandwich.

I also had an order of their mac and cheese ($6). My friend really enjoyed this, but I wasn't a huge fan. That said, it wasn't bad; I just wish it had been a bit "cheesier" (maybe some nutritional yeast could have added some of that zest?). The bacon bits were a great addition, though.

All in all, this is a great little spot for some fast take-out. There's limited counter seating, so if I were you, I'd get some food to go and eat it in a nearby park.

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