Washington Square

Twin Cities, Minnesota


rating star

I teeter between good and great for this, just because I found out that their black bean taco, which I thought was vegan, is not and cannot be ordered as such. The black beans are pre-mixed into a guacamole/ranch/sour cream mix. If they vamp up their menu and create a vegan black bean taco, I will upgrade my rating.

It was uncertain whether the veggie burger could be made vegan (I am thinking they may use an egg for a binder). The portobella melt can be made vegan (just ask to hold the cheese and you might want to ask about the bread options). Salads with meat can be replaced with grilled portobella and cheese can be withheld...

There are several vegetarian items, from portobella pasta to mole enchiladas.

The Square also offers a nice selection of micro-brew beers, for those of you who have a hankering for a quality beverage.

So, the options are there. The staff has always been accomodating and I have found The Square to be a nice place to visit when one doesn't want to journey into "the city."

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