Maharaja Quality Sweets and Snacks

Queens, New York City
73-10 37th Avenue
Queens, NY 11372


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vegetarian Indian restaurant and sweet shop

Maharaja is an all vegetarian restaurant and sweet shop that has a good amount of vegan items. They have a number of ready-to go vegan snacks, such as samosas, and offer a hot buffet ($7 or $8 for all-you-can-eat or take-out), but you can also order off the menu.

The atmosphere is somewhat cafeteria-reminiscent but the place is very popular with locals and is bustling on the weekends.

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I actually stumbled across this place while on my way to check out another supposedly vegan-friendly Indian/Nepali restaurant in the neighborhood. I was a little overwhelmed by the place so I decided to just go with the buffet. I asked the server which items were made without cream and butter/ghee and he told me all of them. Fantastic! However, I did see a "paneer" dish, which I know is cheese, so either the guy didn't warn me because technically, paneer is cheese, not cream or butter, or because he just didn't care. You be the judge!

The buffet sign led me to believe the food was $7/lb (like many lunch places) but the waiter informed me it was per plate (again, fantastic!). I started piling up my plate and must have been the only jerk with a huge American-sized serving because the server told me while I was eating that I can go back for seconds. For a 3rd time, fantastic! I was so stuffed with my first monster portion that I didn't need to return.

The meal also comes with bread (white or wheat naan) and the waiter told me he can make it without butter. Lovely!

There isn't much atmosphere to the restaurant but it's cheap, fast, and the food is decent (not great, but you get a variety for a cheap price, as is the buffet custom). The service was friendly and I was the only white person in the restaurant, which leads me to believe the food is authentic, although I noticed several people ordering off the menu, so the good stuff is probably on the menu, not in the buffet.

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Jackson Heights


E, F, M, R, 7 to 71st and Broadway


No Reservations


$ - inexpensive


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10am - 10pm

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