Bangkok Heights

Manhattan, New York City


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I loved this place! The food is reasonably priced (cheap if you go for lunch), it's very good, it's beautifully plated, and it's one of the few veg-friendly spots in Wash Heights. I'm a noodle gal so I went with the Pad Kee Mao (stir fried flat noodles, bell peppers, bamboo, basil, tomatoes) with vegetarian mock duck. The mock duck was very good - as always - as were the noodles and every other aspect of the dish.

When I got there, I told them I was in a rush and asked if they had dishes that could be made quickly and I got my food in under 10 minutes, which was good. I loved that they took the time to put little edible garnishments on the plate (shaved carrots, beets, and parsley) which made it more beautiful, and provided a nice contrast between the cooked and raw food.

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