Broders Pasta Bar

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I went here for dinner with a friend, and I was more than pleasantly surprised! The server (an older gentleman) knew exactly what could be prepared vegan, such as what pastas were egg-free, and which sauces were also vegan. I got a delicious dish with eggplant, and the roasted garlic appetizer was great as well. If you're in the mood for a fancy Italian dinner that happens to be vegan-friendly, this is the place to go!

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This place is amazing. The pasta is homemade and you REALLY taste the difference. Always a few vegetarian options. Like my fave, A squash ravioli with huge chunks of ginger. My vegan boyfriend also loves the place. there is an appetizer of a marinated whole garlic bulb baked that you tear apart and eat on crispy bread with tomatos and fresh basil(with or without just grated parmesan). It is pricy so go for a special occaision only. There is also always a wait. They have a crazy reservation policy, see the website for details.
Oh, and they usually have a vegan sorbet!

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