Jason's Organic Pizza Cafe

Point Pleasant, New Jersey


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Today my husband, 5 year old son, my step mom and I went to Point Pleasant to step our feet on the beach, go on rides and eat dinner at Jason's Organic Pizza Cafe. Recommend by a fellow "plant based" eater. The food was yummy and fresh. My son and I shared a vegan Daiya Cheese Pizza. He ate 3 slices even the crust. Which was thin, crispy and tasty. I had a garden salad. It was crispy fresh. The Agava Vinaigrette was sweet and sour taste which I enjoyed. My husband order the Vegan Cheese Sticks. Yum! Even my non vegan step mom enjoyed it. And My husband had the Vegan Chicken Parm. The homemade organic tomato sauce that was used on everything from the pizza, cheese stick dipping and Vegan chicken parm was tasty. And my step mom had the veggie pizza that had mozzarella cheese. She loved it cause it was not greasy. We ordered the Vegan Chocolate milkshake but they were out of almond milk which is our go to milk so we requested Coconut. My son didn't like it only because he is used to almond milk. So David and I drank it. We enjoyed the restaurant since being at the shore limited us on what we can eat so I was thrilled to find a place with vegan options.

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SOOOOOOO GOOODDDD! Reasonable prices, and the staff is very sweet. The food is always fresh, and have other choices besides pizza, and buffalo wings.

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Jason's Organic Cafe is a refreshing change to the typical local choices. The Organic & Vegan menu options are exciting and taste awesome as well! Jason is knowledgeable and health minded. He makes all of his own organic pizza dough himself. The tomato sauce is impressively organic as well, which is great as tomatoes are one of the vegetables that are commonly loaded with pesticides and are usually genetically modified. I love the creative vegan pizza made with hummus, and topped with artichokes, kalamata olives, and Daiya cheese. The very veggie pie with zucchini, eggplant parm, and veggie burger are great too. The organic salads, organic stuffed mushrooms, and organic soft pretzels are great appetizer choices. I love this place and I'm so happy to have tasty local organic convenience food! I have no reason to eat out anywhere else!

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