Abu Nader Deli & Grocery

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Closed as of Feb 1 12

2095 Como Ave
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55108


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Palestinian Deli and Grocery


They have tabouli, hummus, stuffed grape leaves and falafel.

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The falafel here is unusual and deserves recognition. It's not deep-fried and crunchy like at Holy Land Deli, but it's not cheap either (the falafel sandwich at Abu Nader is $7.98 with tax). Indeed, this was the most expensive falafel I've seen in the Twin Cities so far.

That said, I liked how it had a differentiated taste, with more of an emphasis on herbs. The interior was almost creamy, rather than dry and crumbly, and it seemed to be filled with unusual spices/herbs, though I'm not expert enough to identify what the actual ingredients were.

I wasn't a big fan of the way it was served pita-pocket style (I prefer pita wraps), but that's a minor quibble. A bigger issue was that Abu Nader also includes pickles, which is unusual and doesn't, in my opinion, go well with tahini sauce and fried chickpeas. The other ingredients, which included tomato, lettuce and onion, were a much better fit.

The location is convenient, though the store/dining area is kind of bleak and stuffy.

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I used to live across the street from Abu Nader, and I miss it.

It's a good place near the St. Paul campus to grab a quick bite to eat. My favorites were the falafel sandwich, with some excellent pickled vegetables to give it zest, the kinafeh, and the definitely-not-vegan-by-any-buttery-stretch-of-the-imagination baklava.

After sundown, the lighting is cold and fluorescent, and the tables plain with standard vinyl chairs, but it's not a bad place to eat and read a newspaper. Otherwise, you're probably better off taking things to go.

The grocery section is pretty tiny, but I enjoyed buying mango juice, pomegranate molasses, rosewater, or a brick of inexpensive cardamom coffee every now and then.

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