BEE Enchiladeria

Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas


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Yummy original vegan Mexican options! Bee Enchiladeria's menu has a little heart symbol to denote all the vegan options on the menu! My friend and I have been here three times now. We both enjoyed the blue corn enchiladas stuffed with tofu and quinoa, chaytoe squash veggie mix and the sweet potato enchilada! Everyday they have a different vegan special on their board. We liked the raw yellow bell pepper amarillo sauce. Every enchilada plate comes with vegan black beans and rice. Bee's is a 20 minute drive from where I live, but the food is worth it.

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Bee Enchiladeria is amazing! The staff is really nice. Bee's serves several vegan enchilada options that change everyday. The menu clearly marks what is vegan. When you enter the restaurant you will fill out a card and select what tortilla, filling and sauce you want. For tortillas you can choose between corn, blue corn, whole wheat, flour, and a steamed cabbage leaf wrap.
For the filings you can have spinach & mushroom, quinoa & tofu, or the vegan special of the day. I have tried all of the vegan options! Some of the past specials were: sweet potato & chayote squash; zucchini, summer squash, & eggplant ratatouille; and caramelized onions, potato, tofu & chipolte pinto beans. They were all delicious!

My best friend loved the quinoa and tofu but I prefer the veggie special of the day. I love my enchiladas on steamed cabbage or blue corn with the Amarillo yellow pepper salsa. And every plate comes with rice and vegan black beans.

I wish they'd open a shop closer to where I live. I have to drive 45 minutes to eat at Bee.

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The sweet potato enchilada is magnificent. Lots of options to the vegetarian diner

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