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Great Thai place that labels what is veg, vegan and GF. Mock duck is fab and the tofu is done correctly.

Nov. 2013 Update:
It seemed like the perfect storm for the front of house staff not paying attention to ensure orders are correct for our recent take-out order.

1) After arriving home, we discovered that one of the five dishes we ordered (Green Curry) wasn't in our bag -- it was on the receipt stapled to the bag.

2) We called and they figured it out. So we drove back to get it because we had gotten take-out so we could dine with our neighbors. We live in SE MPLS so this is a 9 mile round trip.

3) Upon arriving, the front of house staff member had no idea what we were talking about because the person that took the call didn't tell everybody.

4) So we get home and we should have checked everything else. There were minor mistakes with three other items. The Tofu Spring Rolls did not have the included dipping sauce at all. The Pad Thai was missing peanuts. The Pad Ze Ew had three pieces of broccoli in it. Everything still tasted great, but the little details were lacking.

We do frequent Naviya's about once per week because you're one few places in MPLS that has vegan and GF items -- which is needed because I get very ill from gluten.

This is the third time in the past year that our take-out orders were incorrect or things missing. For example on a previous order, we came home to find the two items we ordered -- both vegan -- had chicken on them. You were already closed because we had picked up our order at 8:50p -- so we were out dinner that night. After speaking to Lao the next day, he graciously comp'ed our next meal.

I feel like I'm complaining especially when you do vegan and GF so well. However, it is getting frustrating to get take-out to have it messed up upon arriving home. It would be one thing if we had forgotten to mention vegan or GF for items -- I would personally accept the blame on that -- but the receipt stapled to the bag is always what we indicated and correct. For some reason, dine-in orders are always right -- we've never had a problem ever when we dine with you.

So it appears that your take-out process needs some revisions made to it. Sadly, I feel like I need to open every dish when we arrive to pick up take out to make sure its correct. However, I shouldn't have to be "that person" and we really shouldn't have to double check our own order if the ticket on the bag is correct.

We're just become disappointed in Naviya's take-out. Your dine-in experience is always good -- although I would say the service does lack -- lots of people running around with heads cut off. Slow to refill even water, just as slow for a paid drink like tea. So I'd plan on at least 1.5 hours for dinner minimum.

I would have chalked tonight's take-out snafu as an ooops moment but given our prior experiences as I indicated with take-out -- my patience has worn thin.

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I was very impressed with Naviya's. I found out she uses no fish paste in any of her curries (meaning they are all at least vegetarian), which was a nice contrast to a lot of places I've gone. We had the tofu spring rolls, the Rama Thai with mock duck, and the Massaman curry with fried tofu. ALL SO GOOD. The tofu is done perfectly - nice and crispy, not soggy at all. The spring rolls tasted so fresh and flavorful and had a great peanut-cucumber sauce to go with them. The Rama Thai was deliciously peanut flavored, and even the mock duck was good (I don't usually like mock duck that much). The vegetables in both curries were perfectly done.

We will likely become regulars here!

UPDATE 7/27/11: Naviya's now labels their menu with whether things are vegan or not, as well as what can be vegan, and what is gluten free. I was told that some of the curries in the past did have shrimp paste, but they have now remedied that, and most (even Massaman) can be made without the shrimp paste. But you have to ask specifically on that dish. Some of the other curries are shrimp paste free naturally. I am glad they are now labeling the dishes!

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I ate here this evening and double-checked about whether the curries could be made vegan. After checking in the kitchen, Naviya herself told me that the curries pastes all contained shrimp paste, including the massaman.

This still leaves a substantial fraction of the menu with vegan options, but it's always disappointing to go to a Thai restaurant and not be able to order curry.

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