One Dish at a Time Delivered Dish of the Week Club

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I have been getting these delivered to my office for a few weeks and I love it! Great, healthy vegan lunches (many are also gluten-free). And you can pay ahead for about a month or so which simplifies it. Many of the options are FANTASTIC (can we talk about that chermoula potato salad?!) and others are still pretty great. The food comes in deli size pint or quart container and Tracy will reuse the containers to be more earth-friendly. Two quarts easily lasts me two lunches or a lunch and dinner.

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Tracy Yue offers two dishes each week (most weeks they are both vegan and often gluten free as well.) In addition to that service, she offers cooking classes and catering events. I've been very impressed with her food and find it a great way to try something new.

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I've been doing the Delivered Dish club for about 4 weeks and I've had an overall good experience. Some of the dishes, like the vegan moussaka, have been AMAZING. Others are just good. It's great for my work lunches because there just aren't any good vegan lunch options near my office.

I can easily get 4 lunches out of the 2 quarts. Especially since I usually bring in a little side dish like a banana or carrots. Depending on the menu, I might also bring in some rice, which is easy for me since we always seem to have leftover rice at home.

Tracy clearly marks on the menu each week whether each dish is vegan and they almost always are. Out of the 4 weeks I've done it, and looking forward for 4 weeks, (so out of 16 dishes) all but one dish have been vegan. And for that one menu item that wasn't vegan, Tracy offered to make me a vegan batch.

The only downside is that sometimes the service feels a little disorganized. I think Tracy's business is growing so she's still working things out. Sometimes she e-mails her menus out a little late. Once she ran out of one of the dishes and had to come back later to give me my second dish.

But overall, it's been yummy.

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