Garden Cafe

Manhattan, New York City


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I was so happy to stumble upon the Garden Cafe. I can't say that they have a ton of vegan options but this particular neighborhood isn't really vegan friendly so I appreciate that they're making an effort to offer meat-free dishes.

The food is very affordably priced and is well-prepared. Better than the food, though, is the atmosphere. The restaurant is beautiful, particularly the garden. I went during the day and enjoyed the sun coming through the roof (the garden is covered in the winter), but I'd love to go at night and see the lights set up.

I had the homemade chickpea burger and it was great. I'm usually not big into veggie burgers but I loved that it was homemade and it was chickpea-based, not soy or black bean, which are more common (although I do love black bean burgers). What really made the burger special was the garlic-sauteed spinach that topped the burger, in addition to the usual mixed greens and tomato. The fries the sandwich came with were also perfectly crisp and delicious.

I will definitely be back!

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