Yummy Thai

Manhattan, New York City
4959 Broadway
New York, NY


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vegan-friendly Thai restaurant

Yummy Thai is your typical Thai restaurant offering various curries, noodle dishes, soups, and rice dishes, any of which can be made with vegetables or tofu (request no fish sauce and no egg). Yummy Thai also offers $7 lunch specials Monday-Friday from 12-4pm

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Inwood isn't the most vegan-friendly neighborhood (lots of fast food and Dominican food, which is known for being meat-heavy), so Thai is always a pretty safe bet. Yummy Thai doesn't offer mock meats but they offer the usual veggie and tofu assortments of curries, noodles, and rice dishes.

I was in for lunch last week so I wanted to take advantage of the $7 lunch special. While the menu was somewhat unclear to me about which combinations were part of the special, the waitress explained everything to me. Basically, you could get veggies and/or tofu with any "sauce", which included various curries or noodle options. I usually get pad see ew in Thai restaurants so I went with the "Siracha" noodles. I love noodles and I love Siracha, so this was a no-brainer.

The tofu and veggies were good (the tofu was firm and slightly pan-fried), but I found the noodles to be overcooked and the sauce bland. It tasted like they put some generic "Asian sauce" (soy sauce and garlic) and Siracha and called it a day. Not particularly interesting.

That said, the staff was friendly, the ingredients were fresh, and the restaurant is attractive and welcoming so I'd go back to try their pad see ew.

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