Loving Hut

Fairfax, Virginia


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We are so lucky to have this all-vegan restaurant in the Falls Church area. It is located across from the National Memorial Park cemetery on Lee Highway, and tucked back next to the 7-Eleven. The parking lot spaces are impossibly tight but there's street parking, too, if you're worried about squeezing into the lot.

I haven't branched out too much at Loving Hut because the first thing I ever ordered there was so delicious that it's what I always want - the Golden Vermicelli with Lemongass Protein (#9)! I've had the golden rolls (which come with the dish) and the summer rolls, both of which are very tasty. The soups are good but they're hard to eat without making a total mess of yourself - broth splashing all over you as you try to eat the goodies in it... The Spicy Cha Cha is the only entree with vegan shrimp featured in it and while the shrimp themselves are fried little pieces of heaven, the bed of shredded iceburg lettuce that they come on top of is a bit weird.

And lastly - the desserts! Loving Hut carries desserts from Vegan Treats and they are out of this world. I'm always craving the vegan cheesecake, and the cannoli is so good that my non-veg mother was amazed that it didn't contain ricotta cheese. There are limited places to get vegan desserts in the DC area and the desserts that Loving Hut carries are among the best, in my opinion!

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We live less than a mile from Loving Hut but didn't know it existed because it's not really visible from the main road. We were told there was a new all vegetarian Vietnamese Pho place in the shopping center at the Safeway (West St at Lee Highway) and went in search of it. We finally found a place that had a Vietnamese name (not in the actual shopping center) and stopped there. That turned out to be a radio station. But across the street there was a place that said "vegetarian" so I went to check it out. Jackpot!

The place was recommended by a Vietnamese lady - so I figured it would be good. We had tried another place in Falls Church and not been very happy with it. This place was very nice on the inside. I was surprised to see how open and spacious. We got our food to go, so we didn't sit in the dining room but I won't hesitate to go back and eat in.

There was a couple just finishing their dinner and talking to one of the staff about ingredients. I later learned that the lady is a well-known vegetarian chef and instructor.

We enjoyed our Pho, our salad, both the Golden Rolls and the Summer Rolls. We also got the beef dish (can't remember the name). I would have liked to see more vegetables in the Pho, but overall, it was very good and tasty.

We will definitely be going back - a lot.

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