Galanga Garden

Manhattan, New York City


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I stopped in for a quick dinner and asked if they had any noodle dishes that could be prepared quickly or if their dishes required more time to prepare. The waitress assured me the food could be prepared quickly and my meal was brought to me within about 5 minutes. Amazing. What is more amazing is that the food was perfectly cooked and there was no sign that shortcuts were taken or that the food was rushed.

I went with the drunken noodles which come with wide, flat rice noodles, red bell peppers, onions, Chinese broccoli and some type of fantastic sauce. I chose to get the vegetarian duck with this dish but I'm sure it would have been equally fantastic with tofu or just with vegetables. I specified no egg and no fish sauce and the waitress asked if I was vegan. How lovely that she knew what vegan meant. I will definitely be back.

As I was in a rush, I wasn't able to enjoy much time in the restaurant, but the 30 minutes or so that I was there, I enjoyed the quiet, laid back atmosphere and the stylish photographs and furniture displayed. The dark, candle-lit restaurant seems like it would be a good date location.

I didn't make it to the back of the restaurant but I saw people come out from there so I think there may be a larger back room.

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