Sidney's Cafe

Orange County, California


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This restaurant is simply wonderful. It has a comfortable, cozy atmosphere and especially nice is that dogs are welcomed, with outside patio seating available. I also appreciate that it is so easy to request my order to be vegan and not worry that the staff will not understand (or care/be rude) and include dairy.. they take great care to get it right AND respect your request. The best item I have tried so far is the no-tuna sandwich, so good!! I am really happy with that menu item since after becoming vegan the only animal food I still crave is tuna, so thank you. The food is fresh and healthy, light and not fried. And to top it off, they have a breakfast menu, which for vegans is very hard to find and be able to enjoy.

this place is closed, owner sold business, moved out of state.

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i've heard it's closed but there is another vegetarian/vegan/organic restaurant open in its place. I'll try it the next time I'm in town.

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This is my favorite restaurant! The T.L.T. (tempeh,lettuce,and tomato sandwich) is very good, as well as the muffins. Even the non vegetarian people that came with me were very impressed with their delicious meals. The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is nice. I just wish there were more restaurants like this one!

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I was really pleased with Sidney's (once I *finally* reached them before closing time!). I tried their "chicken" salad sandwich -and it ended up being one of the best sandwiches that I have ever had! I appreciated the fact that one has a choice of side dishes (and God bless them for omitting melon from their fruit salad!). Fair prices, clean flavors, and close to Disneyland -what more is there? I cannot wait to go again...

Also, they are very courteous and accomodating: the woman ordering ahead of me was alergic to garlic and onions, and the entire staff went to great lengths to find a menu choice that would be suitable (including ringing up off-duty chefs!).

I am SO happy that there is finally somewhere for vegans to eat in my hometown. I still have not eaten a meal there because I only learned about it, only muffins and cookies, but tomorrow morning I am going there to dive into their coconut pancakes with soy sausage, and maybe my boyfriend will get the tofu scramble. Can you believe it? A tofu scramble! Here in Fullerton! This is like, hot wing country.

They also have tempeh and tofu sandwiches. I'm really excited. I'll rate the restaurant after I eat more of the food.

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