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When you find out about its cool "Farm to Table" philosophy the decor starts to make sense with water served in milk bottles, mason jar lights, wood plank tables, and white wash just about everywhere else. With such misleading simplicity, it becomes clear that it is paradox for the complexity of the food and the unique menu selections.
If you go, please try the Quinoa Corn Cakes that have a fan of avocado and spicy cream cheese dressing. Their exploration has a great payoff.
My entree was the Root Vegetable Tacos with a hard shell. Messy, but well worth it.
My friend's Heart of Palm Salad makes you realize that this restaurant strives for dishes that you can't quite find anywhere else and the $$ prices become well worth it. Our neighboring patron was a good looking actor in between Javert roles. Fortunately for us, he was waiting on a friend that never arrived and we got to know him and his take on the Les Miz movie (he hated it) and on the restaurant. He let us try his fried artichokes which were simple and fun "why has no thought of this before?" appetizers.
Each dish had good to great presentation that invites.
The staff all wears ironic second hand black casual clothes from their own closets giving a more hipster synergy vibe rather than dress code.
I'm looking forward to coming back again and trying some new dishes and a desert from Kind Kreme which is a conjoined vegan ice cream business in the restaurant.

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I almost gave this a 4 rather than a 5 star, just because of the atmosphere. The place is far too small, cramped, and loud. We were at the small table nearest the door, & constantly felt like we were in the way of the queue waiting for ice cream. The food & service though more than make up for it. I had the raw taco, and loved it. I often find that gourmet raw food is far too high fat, and although this has walnut 'taco meat' and guacamole, it still didn't feel too fatty. My partner had one of the specials, which was a tofu curry with cous cous - an odd fusion of cuisines, but it worked really well.

I also almost knocked a star off for the desserts we tried - a chocolate cake with maple & coconut frosting, and a carrot cake - as they were a bit dry. The flavours were still great though, so we enjoyed them nonetheless.

We'll definitely go back, but it's somewhere to go for lunch. I don't think we'd consider it for an evening meal.

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Gourmet vegan cuisine in a relaxed, casual setting. They serve lunch, dinner and do brunch from 9a-4pm Sat & Suns. The menu selection is amazing. It's the kind of place you could keep coming back to b/c you'd never get bored. Sage makes me wish I lived in L.A.!

As for specific menu items, the spinach quesadillas are fantastic. The burrito mole had no was more of a red pepper sauce. It was good but false advertising if you were expecting a typical thick, dark brownish red mole sauce. For dessert, deep fried black bean and fennel ice cream served with plantains. I ordered it for the plantains but found the icecream to be mind-blowingly awesome. Where else in the universe can you get this dessert? If the 'special' desserts on the menu don't appeal to you, you can order from the ice cream counter up front.

How Sage can make this high quality organic vegan gourmet food and keep their prices so low is amazing. I wouldn't change a thing about this restaurant!

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I was thoroughly impressed with the menu here and was very disappointed to not have discovered it prior to my last night in the city. Several local friends told me this was their favorite vegan restaurant in the city and I can definitely see why. The food is interesting, incredibly flavorful, and surprisingly affordable.

I went with the "Soul Bowl", which came with quinoa, beans, fried okra, a fried mac & cheese ball, a spicy chipotle sauce and a horseradish sauce. It was an unexpected pairing of flavors and textures but it was phenomenal. I've never had okra deep/flash fried like that so the texture was unexpected and was very good. My favorite part was the deep fried vegan mac & cheese ball. It was basically mac & cheese in a ball, (possibly breaded) and deep fried. I didn't know such things were possible but Sage executed it perfectly. All of this deliciousness was something like $9 - unbelievable!

While there, I tried a few of the raw sorbets that KindKreme offered. I really enjoyed the carrot-ginger-coconut, which tasted like raw, sweet carrot soup, if that makes any sense. It had all the components of carrot-ginger soup, but was a sweet, refreshing sorbet. Delish! I also tried the cucumber sorbet and expected it to be even more refreshing but I didn't really care for it. The flavor was a little flat and bitter so it didn't really taste how a dessert should taste (to me, at least).

Nice work, Sage, I will definitely be back!

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