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A friend and I went here for dinner last week and were so happy to 1) have so many vegan options, and 2) be able to have both Japanese and Thai at the same time!

The service was prompt and friendly, but Moon really needs to redesign their menus. The server brings each person two menus - one Thai and one Japanese - both of which are the size of an adult's torso. Not only are the menus physically huge, they are really extensive (with a lot of items not being very different from one another), and they are pretty confusing. I found a number of vegetarian items listed in the "noodle" and "rice" sections that weren't listed in the "vegetarian" section, and when I mentioned certain dishes I found in the vegetarian section, the server hadn't heard of them and had to search the menu for it. Too many options!

Anyway, the food itself was fantastic. I decided to go with the pad thai with tofu and vegetables (no egg and no fish sauce) and was very impressed. It was one of the best meals I had in Miami! The tofu itself was fried to perfection and I liked that the dish came with "real" vegetables (broccoli, carrots, etc), and not just scallions, bean sprouts, and other toppings some places try to call vegetables. My friend ordered the tofu asparagus, which I thought was pretty good and he thought was great. My reason for thinking it was so-so was that the tofu was medium-soft and sauteed and I prefer very firm and/or fried tofu. The flavor of the dish itself was good.

We also ordered a vegetable roll, which wasn't explained very well on the menu so we weren't really sure what to expect. When it came, it was a dried seaweed roll with rice, vegetables and crab. I think they accidentally gave us the crab roll. They then brought one with just veggies, which was better, but still bland. Next time, I think I'll go with either the veggie sushi or spring rolls for an appetizer.

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